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How GBC Barter Works for a Dentist

How GBC Barter Works for a Dentist

Dentistry has a long history of bartering for their services. It?s a competitive, expensive business and we all need dental care at one point or another.  The great thing about barter is that it enables dentists to save a lot of cash and wins new clients at the same time. And the patient, of course, can avoid some hefty cash payments when they need to spend sometime ?in the chair.?

For instance, if an electrician needs a dentist for his kids, he can pay cash to his regular dentist?a big budget bite for a family with a sweet tooth. The dentist wants to add an exam room and may find someone to do the job on Craig?s List. Both are taking a bite out of their bank balances.

If the dentist had tried to trade with another electrician, it wouldn?t have gone over well (few people want to trade cash business for goods; who can blame them?)

But the electrician had a valuable service to offer?and he really wanted a way to drive new business. GBC introduced him to a dentist who was happy to trade for services instead of cash. The electrician now has kids with healthy teeth, the dentist has his new exam room wired for all of the latest equipment and, even better, the electrician has sent the dentist three new referrals for new business!

The most impressive thing is the dentist?s cost basis for his new exam room is almost zero. He paid with GBC trade credits earned with work he did with downtime when he did not have a patient appointment. What would have been vanishing inventory ? a loss ? is now a brand new exam room. What a deal.

Who doesn?t want to save cash? Who doesn?t want to purchase goods and services for 30 cents or less on the dollar?  If the outlay is your cost of goods or unused time and labor, but you are trading for full retail price, you are getting a tremendous bargain. Unsellable inventory or unbillable downtime (net losses) is converted into purchase power. It?s not long before you grasp the amazing potential of GBC membership: buying what you need for cents on the dollar, increasing your business exponentially through new customers and conserving your cash resources!

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